CLIENT:  Veryfine

PROJECT:  Fruit20 sampling tour

OBJECTIVE:  Introduce Fruit20 to the target market, stimulate trial and drive purchase.

TARGET:  Females 25-39, Adults 25-49

EVENT/PROMOTION/STRATEGY: Initiate a national street-based sampling effort designed to identify and introduce target consumers to Fruit20. Teams of Fruit20 Brand Ambassadors traveled in branded vans, targeting consumers at high-traffic events and locations in each market. At each location, the team distributed cold product samples in a variety of flavors to passersby, while delivering key messaging about the new product.

 MARKETS: New York Metro, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Fransisco, Dallas, Washington DC, Houston, Phoenix, Denver, Milwaukee.

RESULTS: Sampled over 1.5 million 16oz. bottles. Generated over 30 million impressions