Name:  Ari Saal Forman – Founder/Creative Control
Born:   …not yesterday.
Lives:  New York City
Likes:  Dreaming.
Dislikes:  Waking up from dreams.
Interests:  All things creative, the psychology of marketing, topiary.


Name:  Mark DiPippa - Founder
Born:   An entrepreneur.
Lives:  To work.
Likes:  Positive people.  Goal setters.
Dislikes:  Bureaucracy and negative thinkers.
Interests:  Golf, wine, working out, and wine.


Name:  Samantha Adams - President
Born: England, grew up in Ipswich, Suffolk.
Lives: New York City & San Francisco
Likes: Ipswich Town Football Club, Thai Food and just enjoying life.
Dislikes: Ipswich Town Football Club (because they are always losing!!)
Interests:  Traveling.