CLIENT:  NIVEA/Hill & Knowlton

PROJECT:  The Garden Of Love

OBJECTIVE:  To create an extraordinary PR and consumer event that would allow Nivea to “own” Valentine’s Day evening in Times Square.

TARGET:  General, Couples on Valentine’s Day

EVENT/PROMOTION/STRATEGY:  OTG transformed Military Island in Times Square into the idyllic Garden Of Love.  Conceived of, produced, and installed by OTG, the Garden Of Love was an extraordinary English garden, overflowing with flowers, subtle Nivea branding and cutting-edge interactive elements!  Hosted by Lisa Rinna and featuring a performance from Def Jam recording artist, Chrisette Michelle, the Garden Of Love allowed consumers to have their pictures taken on a swinging love seat then have these pictures sent directly to their mobile phones!  In addition, each picture was beamed to the Reuters board where it was displayed high-above Times Square!  In the center of the Garden, state-of-the-art motion sensor technology was utilized to create an interactive wishing well.  Consumers were invited to swipe their hands across the top of the well to activate a large flat screen monitor housed within the well.  The motion would cause waves to appear on the monitor and 1 of 4 special Nivea V-Day gifts (Godiva Chocolates, Nivea Gift Bags, Dinner For Two, and a Couples Massage) would rise to the surface, detailing what each consumer had won!  All permits and technology components were arranged by On The Go.